FitTech Club

Welcome to the FitTech Club - Europe's leading business club for movers and shakers of fitness, health, wellbeing and tech industries. This is your ultimate human connection for the age of health.
Want to get to know the most innovative and powerful people in the fittech space? Think that the power of human connection can drive business forward in insecure times? Looking for cross-industry inspiration to expand your mental models - all of this in a trusted setting?
Welcome to the Club, buddy.
Europe's leading business club for movers and shakers of fitness, health, wellbeing and tech industries is opening its doors. Why? Because we know it's people business. Over the last years we've learned a lot about gathering people, creating meaningful conversations and connecting the dots across the industries. We have now distilled this knowledge into our tailored membership program. Best FitTech experience and connections, all year round.
People first. Business will follow.
We strongly believe in the people-first approach. In the Club, you will find C-level leaders of established companies along with mid-size business owners, early-stage and scale-up founders and investors interested in the space.

What do they all have in common? They make things happen, fast. From establishing a new distribution partnership and finding a new way to address common audiences to helping each other to navigate the increasingly complex world of fitness, health and tech. When smart people talk to each other, exciting things happen.
Meet the first-movers!
A fine selection of our first members
It's network o'clock
You personal business and human acceleration platform
Networking for business growth
Networking to drive business growth: Personal connection goes first - we create in-depth networking opportunities in a trusted setting with selected attendees & other members.
Getting to know people behind the trends
We introduce you to corporate decision-makers and promising founders from our vast network to create new synergies together.
Inspirational cross-industry insights
We help you better predict industry dynamics & expand your horizon through curated off-the-record conversations with global leaders.
Increasing thought leadership
We help you to get noticed by the media and gain recognition as leading experts in your fields through speaking opportunities.
Apply for the Club
We will get back to you within 7 days of receiving the application to set up an intro call. If we both think it is a match made in heaven, you will become member within 14 days.
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