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FitTech Club is the global community of founders, executives & investors in fitness, wellbeing & health tech. Our members learn from each other, create new partnerships and grow faster, together.
Masterminds are at the core of the Club-
your personal peer
advisory boards.
Meet your peers with similar level of experience and leadership skills - and a deep understanding of your market segment.

Once a month, your group will meet virtually to discuss current challenges and share knowledge about the market in a strictly confidential setting.

We strongly encourage new partnerships and conversations that originate outside those monthly calls. After all, business is about trust and win-win ideas.
Chose your Masterminds group
Join an existing peer support group or talk to us so that we can launch a new group catered to your specific needs.
GymTech with focus on gym-related businesses
This group is about all things gym operations and related business models on the data, hardware, and platform side, with a strong focus on leadership and business strategy. It consists of seasoned executives and scale-up founders coming from Europe and United States.
Body analysis with focus on health applications
This group is about body analyses technology, from blood and urine sensors to 3D body scanning, DNA testing and wearable data, with a strong focus on health applications. It consists of early-stage founders coming from Europe and United States.
Hardware, sensors & wearables
This group is about all things sensors and wearables, including hardware and software implementation, with a strong focus on hands-on discussions and real-life applications. It consists of early-stage product founders and service providers coming from Europe, United States, and Latin America.
Investments in fitness, wellness, & health
This group is about investment & M&A trends as well as deal flow and case discussions, with a strong focus on holistic health, fitness, sports and a bit of biotech investments. It consists of VCs, M&A professionals, angels and corporate investors coming from Europe and United States.
Digital fitness
This group is about all things digital fitness with a strong focus on app / product development and innovative technologies like computer vision, AI, or Web3. It consists of early-stage product founders and service providers coming from Europe and Oceania.
Consumer health & wellness
This group is about consumer health & wellness focussing on market trends and evolving business models. It consists of seasoned executives and scale-up founders coming mainly from Germany.
125+ members from 25 countries
Typical members are global industry executives, early- and later-stage founders, and investors from across fitness & health tech verticals.
Membership options
Choose between two membership tracks that suit you best.
Networking track
Connect to your peers and newcomers to learn from each other.

Networking: Expand your network in the industry with fellow founders & experienced players, join in-person events and monthly member huddles.

Education & inspiration: Access +30 online events per year and join us for learning journeys to innovation hotspots.
Masterminds track
Exchange best practices and share you challenges with peers.

Everything in the Networking track plus:

Personal advisory board: Join a Masterminds group to learn from the real experience of non-competing fellow executives & founders from all over the world. Make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

People first.
Business will follow.
As we are entering the age of scalable human health, the FitTech Club connects the global community at the intersection of fitness, wellness and health tech.

As a member, you will accelerate your business vision by joining facilitated Mastermind groups of international peers, attending 30+ closed community events and parties and learning from the industry insiders and your fellows.

Build trust. Get to know each other. Listen. Talk. Engage. Partner.

Time to scale human health
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