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Digital FitTech Summit V Goes Live on November 8/9 – the Motto: Tech or Die!

Munich – August 25 2021: The FitTech Company is hosting the fifth edition of its renowned innovation conference “FitTech Summit” devoted to the future of fitness and health  - this time with a strong focus on technology that would change the industry in the years to come. The motto of the event: "Tech or Die!"

Humanity suffers from too little exercise and too much stress. Increasingly, these factors become a huge burden on our health system. At the same time, humans are developing a new relationship with their bodies and minds due to the global pandemic, and lifestyle-driven prevention is becoming more important than ever. To help us create healthy lifestyle practices on a global scale, technology is becoming a crucial factor. Investors in the U.S., for example, have poured $2.4 billion into fitness startups in 2020 – more than ever before.

Tech or Die?“We believe that the fitness industry needs to embrace technology - or die out”, says Natalia Karbasova, CEO FitTech Company. “We are witnessing a new wave of technology-driven startups and tech giants entering the fitness, health and wellbeing space at a break-neck pace and will change the business of fitness as we know it for good”.

Topics of virtual Fitech Summit V: Big Tech, Interfaces and AI

“We will not only look at existing successful solutions, but will also imagine a world of the future in which every aspect of human health and performance is augmented by software and hardware”, says Natalia Karbasova. More than 20 global visionaries will discuss in ten panels (in English) why technology is more important than ever to make humanity healthy, again, in these tracks:

1. Big Tech Attack: How will tech giants or major tech innovations from other industries impact the fitness & health world? #bighealth #blockchain #fintech

2. The Interface Race: What types of device form-factors will win the race for the real estate of our homes - and bodies? #fitnessmirrors #sleeptech #smartapparel

3. Me, Myself and AI: How is artificial intelligence augmenting the relationship we have to our bodies? #femfittech #transhumanism #fitfiction 

Among first confirmed speakers are: 
  • Hélène Guillaume, Founder and CEO WILD.AI (San Francisco, USA)
  • Gregory Gettinger, Founder and CEO VR Motion Learning (Vienna, Austria)
  • Valerie Bures, Founder and CEO VAHA (Berlin, Germany)
  • Markos Kern, CEO Fun With Balls (Munich, Germany)
  • Melanie Lauer, CEO Kettler/ Trisport AG (Hünenberg, Switzerland)
  • Nikola Mrvaljevic, Founder and CEO Strive (Bothell, USA)

Among first confirmed partners are: 
  • FIBO
  • Kettler
  • VAHA
  • Pixformance
  • Helllicht 

Who should attend?

The business conference is specifically addressing international decision-makers of the fitness- and health-oriented industries, startups and investors. The previous digital edition of the FitTech Summit was attended by 1200 leaders from 70 countries, with Germany, United States and United Kingdom leading the way.

How can you register? 

The participation is generally free. You can register for free at to attend the live-streamed event or purchase a premium ticket for access to the event videos and post-Summit booklet with the distilled event learnings.

About the FitTech Summit

FitTech Summit is Europe’s leading conference platform devoted to fitness technology and the future of wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

It was founded by Natalia Karbasova 2018 and has since then welcomed the world’s leading fitness, health and tech visionaries on its stage, such as Will Ahmed (founder Whoop), Anthony Katz (Founder Hyperice), Tom Cortese (co-founder Peloton), Mike Lee (founder MyFitnessPal), Joe de Sena (founder Spartan Race) and Hap Klopp (founder The North Face).

Over 1000 attendees were part of the in-person events 2018 and 2019. The first digital event in 2021 welcomed 1,200 participants (startups, corporates, investors). Over two thirds of the attendees are high-level decision-makers. "At the FitTech Summit you can meet market newcomers who will become your serious competition tomorrow," says Oliver Schulokat, CEO Cyberobics of RSG Global.

"Europe's leading conference dedicated to the future of Fitness Technology". Focus Magazine, 6.02.2021

About the FitTech Company

FitTech Company is a multichannel content and networking platform for future-driven health- and fitness-oriented industries. Our goal is to strengthen networks & drive business partnerships forward to make humankind healthy, again.

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