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FitTech Summit: Digital Edition going live on May 25-28 – the motto: "The new New“

On May 25-28 2021, the FitTech Summit, Europe’s leading conference devoted to fitness technology and the future of wellbeing and health lifestyle, is going live with a fully digital edition, consisting of four days full of insights from the industry’s industry's brightest minds and boldest founders.

In the (post-)pandemic world, technology is increasingly shaping the way we keep fit and healthy, offering a scalable and mostly less expensive alternative to traditional offerings. Simultaneously, the consumer habits are being shaped by the home office routine, inability to visit the gym in-person and increased overall health awareness.

The society is changing, and with it, our understanding of what it means to be healthy. The fitness and health worlds are witnessing the greatest structural change in history, and are entering the age of the „new New“, which is also the main theme of this year’s FitTech Summit, consisting of three major tracks: New Gyms, New Interfaces and New Health.

For four days, world-class speakers from the global FitTech network, from rising startup stars to industry incumbents, will be sharing their insights and learnings around such topics as the booming home fitness market, new sports interfaces or wearable robotics. At the end of the day, the main question is: How is technology shaping the health, wellbeing and fitness industries today - and where could this journey take us in three to five years?

Among confirmed speakers are:

- Antony Katz, Founder of Hyperice (USA)
- Ariel Garten, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist Muse (Canada)
- Avrum Elmakis, Founder of CLMBR (USA)
- Phil Southerland, Founder / CEO Supersapiens (USA)
- Chris Hosmer, Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer AirPop (USA)
- Andreas Gall, former CIO / CTO Redbull and founder of Human-Centric Innovators (Germany)
- Melanie Lauer, CEO Trisport AG (Kettler) (Switzerland)
- Sami Asikainen, Founder Carbon Trainer (Canada)
- Oleg Stavitsky, CEO Endel (Germany)
- Tim Dettmann, Founder Beat81 (Germany)
- Dan Strik, Founder HyFit (Israel)
- Stefan Tilk, CEO Anytime Fitness (Germany)
- Joel Jamieson, CEO & Founder Morpheus Labs (USA)

The conference is specifically addressing fitness- and health-oriented industries, startups and investors and will be live streaming 3 hours of high-quality content for three consecutive days, with a special European founders virtual breakfast on the fourth event day.

Registration is open:

About the tracks of FitTech Summit: Digital Edition

New Gyms track (May 25, 4 pm to 7 pm CET): The lock-down made us look for new places to keep fit - from our own four walls to nature. What's happening in the space, how can club operators rethink their business models & reach new audiences with the help of technology - and what if gym of the future is not a gym?

New Interfaces track (May 26, 4 pm to 7 pm CET): Wearables are rapidly evolving into new categories, from apparel to rings, glasses and other surfaces that becoming smarter every day offering personal coaching, guidance and motivation. How do we interact with them, and what's hot right now?

New Health track (May 27, 4 pm to 7 pm CET): Holistic health is blending with fitness, with technology like DNA testing, meditation apps and metabolism & glucose trackers being used both for for prevention and sports performance. Let's dive into the intersection of two worlds!

European Founders‘ Breakfast (May 28, 9.30 am to 11.30 am CET): Meet prominent German and European founders who made it with successful exits or significant financing rounds and learn how they look at customer development, pivoting and product strategy. Additionally, which areas of fitness and health are most interesting from the investor’s perspective in a dedicated investment discussion panel.