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Andreas Gall: "Natural outdoor working is the most underestimated market trend."

Andreas Gall was Chief Innovation Officer at Red Bull. Now he founded his own company. A short portrait in the form of a questionnaire. Meet our expert as he speaks about himself, his company, and his market vision. 

Andreas Gall is a media expert with 30 years of experience. He is a trained radio, television, and sound engineer and held various leading positions at radio stations. He joined Red Bull Media House in 2007 and worked there as Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Technology Officer. What all his stations have in common: He always experimented with his fascination for audio.

In 2020 he founded his own company Human-Centric-Innovators. Its aim is to enhance human uniqueness – with the help of symbiotic technology tools and solutions. "I discover, I develop, and I innovate technical solutions that enable people to use man-machine systems proficiently and with confidence", he says.

Andreas Gall @ FitTech Summit:Digital Edition

On May 25-28 2021, the FitTech Summit is going live with a fully digital edition, with three days full on insights devoted to the future of fitness and health in the post-pandemic world. We are pleased that Andreas Gall will be part of this event.

Andreas Gall about Andreas Gall

How would you describe your perfect working day? 
A day when all planned projects “flow” smoothly from morning to evening. Also, when I am able to give my body and mind enough time to relax and “mentally clear” during the day – like with circuit training in sports. 

Name three things you think you and your company have in common. 
  1. Being experimental is in our DNA 
  2. Always being curious 
  3. Being a giver of wings, for example by giving wings to ideas, people, and concepts every day 

What aspect of your work did you think completely differently about 12 months ago? 
I have stopped planning meetings only according to free time slots in my heavily structured calendar machine. 

"I have started planning meetings according to my actual mood profile – which is more 'humanlike'." 

What was your biggest wrong assumption about the job that you are doing? 
That my new business would start up very slowly in COVID times. 

Andreas Gall about his company

The three most important decisions you will make for your company in the next year? 
  1. Everything we do has to be fun and it has to move the world 
  2. Success comes naturally as long as we are different, authentic, loyal, and act as buddies 
  3. Having commercial success is important, but even more important is that we stay healthy and fit – and that we enjoy the one life we have to the fullest 

What headline would you like to read about your company at the end of 2022 in your most favorite publication?
"NOW: a movement by Human-Centric-Innovators GmbH that reminds us of where we humans come from and where we should increasingly go again." 

Based on which trends are you currently developing which innovations? 
The human-centric trend:  We discover, we develop, and we innovate technical solutions that enable people to use human-machine systems proficiently and with confidence.  We are enhancing human uniqueness – with the help of symbiotic technology tools and solutions. 

What new (or updated) business model for your company might we be talking about in one year? 
The value of human time becoming worth more again.

Andreas Gall about market trends

What do you know about the specific target groups you are currently developing new products for? And what data (facts, figures) illustrates these insights? 
  • Age: 18- to 60-year-olds  
  • Personality: prestige-oriented, enthusiastic about technology, connected to nature, the outdoors, and fitness. An interest in innovative and easy-to-use products. 

What is the most underestimated trend in your current market at the moment and why?  
Natural outdoor working. The pandemic time reminded us that we are beings that were not made for (modern) caves.

"We are part of nature and we have to get outdoors – we need a clear view, without visual limits and monotony." 

How will the target market for your product look like in 2026? 
The indoor and outdoor working times will be (re)balanced again for the benefit of humans, and become another accepted hybrid working category in the international business world.

Andreas Gall about the FitTech Summit network 

Which personality from the global FitTech scene would you like to meet for lunch? Why? 
It sounds crazy, but preferably everyone! 

"Everyone has something exciting, interesting, and entertaining to tell that inspires me. And I can also inspire back."

What three questions would you ask them? Why? 
  1. "Tell me about your talents and strengths!" Why? Because I’m a curious guy. 
  2. "What else would you like to discover?" Why? Inspire me! 
  3. "Are you more of an astronaut or an aquanaut?" Why? I’m an AQUANAUT. 

What three questions would you like them to ask you? 
The same ones.

Andreas Gall will be speaking at the talk "Audio interfaces: The ear is the new eye" on May 26. Get your early bird ticket here.