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Mental Health: Tech for young adult souls

Chronic stress, sleep issues, burnout: more and more young adults struggling with their mental health - and overstimulating media is the accelerant. How can technology be part of the solution, Moritz Kreppel (CEO Urban Sports Club)?

1. How badly are young adults doing mentally?

Almost 50% of young adults ...
report that they are more irritable during the pandemic, have trouble falling asleep, or experience more GI issues and headaches. (Source: Ärzteblatt 2020).

Especially young women ...
feel mentally under pressure: 44 percent of them feel mentally worse since the inception of the Corona Virus pandemic. (Source: Pronovabkk 2021).

72 % of Gen Z'ers ...
"say managing stress and mental health is their most important health and wellness concern", writes the Fitt Insider 2021.

⬆️ 500 million 💵 dollars in 2022
Experts predict that global spending on mobile mental health applications will reach close to $500 million in 2022 compared to 269 million 💵 dollars in 2020. (Source: Deloitte 2022)

Moritz Kreppel: Sports aggregator with love for Eintracht Frankfurt
Moritz co-founded Urban Sports Club with Benjamin Roth in 2012 in Berlin. Today, he is CEO of the sports flat rate platform. Today, he is CEO of Europe's leading platform for sports and wellness. He is also an ardent fan of the soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt.
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Urban Sports Club: One membership, 12.000 opportunities
The company offers a flexible sports and wellness membership to more than 50 types of sports like fitness, yoga, swimming, climbing, or team sports with over 10,000 partners across Europe. Together with OneFit, the corporate group has more than 12,000 partners.
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2. How can technology alleviate mental health problems in young people?

💡 Inspiring individually
Moritz: "Technology can make health programs or services more accessible. Also, we help to raise awareness for mental wellbeing. Our role is to enable people to have physical and mental health via meditation, yoga or any kind of physical activity. The role of technology is then to inspire young audiences in a personalized way to a holistic offer, to a combination of physical and mental health. And not as a replacement, but as a complement to potential therapy."

🤼 Finding communities
Moritz: "We are currently working on enabling members to do even more sports with their friends or new people. Especially the young target group gives us strong feedback there. We see those young people who are new to a city sign up with us to play sports AND to meet new people. Beach volleyball, group fitness, yoga and climbing are booming!

🙏 Therapizing from a distance
... said Francois Kress, Co-Founder and CEO of Feelmore Labs at the FitTech Club's fifth member meeting (👁️ Learn more about the FitTech Club). The company developed the "Cove" wearable. It is designed to relieve stress by stimulating a small area of skin behind the ears. After 20 minutes of wearing it, 90% of users reported falling asleep faster and feeling less stressed overall.
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3. How do gyms benefit from the growing need to train for the soul?

❤️ Offer life coaching!
... said Jon Brady, CEO Midtown Athletic Club, at the FitTech Club's fifth member meeting.
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🧪 Give the young target groups something to experiment with!
Moritz: "How do I inspire young people? Often through something new. They want to stay flexible and not always do the same thing, they are looking for new trends. For us, mixed and multi-sports are more in demand than ever. Examples include piloxing, crossminton, and padel.

Context of this article: FitTech Summit - FIBO Edition: High Tech Society

The context of the contents of this article: The sixth FitTech Summit at FIBO 2022. The German- and English-language business conference asked: How are fitness technologies (Fittech) developing our society? Answers were provided by 14 experts on three live stage shows:
Power to the People - how fittech is changing the reality of (new) audiences.
Cases of Places - how Fittech transforms places of (public) life.
The Planet's Tenet - how fittech influence worlds and systems.