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FitTech Company Secures Additional Funding to Bolster FitTech Club's Growth

MUNICH (November 16, 2023) – FitTech Company recently concluded its second funding round to enhance the expansion of FitTech Club, a burgeoning business community for decision-makers in fitness, well-being, and health tech. The lead investor of this round is Wort&Bild Verlag, the leading provider of health media in Germany, alongside notable angel investors like MyFitness Pal founder, Mike Lee, lawyer and investor Susanne Weiß and Alexander Kuznetsov, Managing Partner at Kodori Ventures.

With members from 25 countries, FitTech Club thrives on the Masterminds groups' concept – personal peer advisory boards, propelling collaborative growth in the times of global insecurity. This funding round echoes the investors' confidence in the club's unique approach, fostering a nurturing environment for industry leaders to address challenges, share insights, and form rewarding partnerships. Members include:

- Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, Founder & CEO of EGYM (recently raised $225m).

- Melanie Lauer, CEO of Kettler (the legacy German home fitness brand that keeps reinventing itself).

- Benjamin Roth und Moritz Kreppel, founders and CEOs of Urban Sports Club (leading aggregator for the fitness industry).

- Andreas Arntzen, CEO of Wort & Bild Verlag (Germany’s biggest health publisher).

- Kerstin Obenauer, Chief Customer Officer of 4Global (publicly traded big-data provider for the sports & fitness industry).

- Marcel Boots, Innovation Director of Basic Fit (Europe’s biggest, publicly traded fitness operator).

Notable quotes on the funding: "Masterminds are an indispensable tool for business development."

"I need to make sure I’m up to date with what's going on in the industry. My Mastermind group helps me to meet people who challenge the status quo, and bridge the gap between old and new." - Jon Brady, President, Midtown Athletic Clubs

„I could not think of a better investment! FitTech Club is the must-have networking and business development tool - and besides, it's just a lot of fun to be part of this innovative gang!” Melanie Lauer, CEO Trisport AG (Kettler)

"We firmly believe in the FitTech approach of uniting people with shared experiences and challenges and connecting them with promising business partners and technologies. Over the past two years, FitTech has proven the exceptional effectiveness of its platform and networking concept. We're now enhancing our support with increased investment and expertise." - Andreas Arntzen, CEO Wort & Bild Verlag.

"The successful funding round is further proof that we offer tangible added value to the industry through in-depth human connection" - Natalia Karbasova, CEO FitTech Company.

About FitTech Club

The core value of the FitTech Club revolves around fostering a global community of individuals and entities engaged in fitness, wellbeing, and health tech. It emphasizes mutual learning, creating new partnerships, and accelerating growth collectively. The club organizes Mastermind groups, facilitating virtual discussions to address current market challenges, share knowledge, and encourages new partnerships and conversations beyond these sessions. It offers various focused groups catering to different segments like gym-related businesses, body analysis technology, hardware, sensors, and wearables, among others, to ensure a well-rounded discussion and collaboration among members​.

About FitTech Company

FitTech Company is the driving force behind FitTech Club, a fast-growing global business network of industry executives, founders, researchers and experts united in their goal to create sustainable partnerships, share knowledge, and create a healthier society. It also operates the FitTech Summit, Europe's leading conference platform devoted to fitness technologies and the future of healthy lifestyles. Founded in 2018 by Natalia Karbasova, the Summit has welcomed the world's leading fitness, health and tech visionaries on stage - including Will Ahmed (founder Whoop), Melanie Lauer (CEO Kettler), Tom Cortese (co-founder Peloton), Joe de Sena (founder Spartan Race) and Hap Klopp (founder The North Face).

About Wort & Bild Verlagsgrupppe

Based in Baierbrunn near Munich, the Wort & Bild Publishing Group stands as Germany's premier purveyor of health media. Synonymous with editorial excellence, their brands echo a commitment to serious, independent journalism and resonate powerfully with their audience. The portfolio under Wort & Bild includes notable publications like Apotheken Umschau, ELTERN, Diabetes Ratgeber, Senioren Ratgeber, Ärztlicher Ratgeber, medizini, and the HausArzt-PatientenMagazin. Reaching about 25 million readers monthly in print and online, they've got a pulse on what health-conscious readers seek. Further fueling innovation, Isartal Ventures GmbH & Co. KG (, their investment arm, zeroes in on early-stage direct investments, enriching e-health startups with capital, expertise, and a robust network.