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Lutz Graumann: "The future of the health sector is a behaviour change business"

With the help of a high-resolution ECG and accelerometer, Nambaya makes lifestyle choices transparent. The startup wants to distribute its scientific trackers through pharmacies.

What are you currently working on?
Nambaya is a thought leader in the fields of medical technologies and digital health. We provide secure platforms for biosignals in the areas of cardiology, occupational health, and performance medicine. Nambaya provides ECG and HRV based data analysis for use in training, therapy, and medical field.

Describe what you are doing there.
 I see myself as an expert in the field of performance medicine who is constantly trying to learn about new key performance markers and algorithms that have an impact of the health and wellbeing of my clients. And my vision is to provide actionable data-driven recommendations for movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset tools/strategies.

Lutz Graumann @ FitTech Summit:Digital Edition

On May 25-28 2021, the FitTech Summit is going live with a fully digital edition, with three days full of insights devoted to the future of fitness and health in the post-pandemic world. We are pleased that Lutz Graumann will be part of this event.

Light tracker: The product is a small sensor (18 g light) with which Nambaya makes scientifically based performance and sleep analyses. @nambaya

Who are Your target group(s)?
  • Leadership Teams
  • Atheletes
  • Health and fitness enthusiasts
In times of corona and the digital presentations, some of my clients decided to roll out the information that I normally share with leadership groups to a more junior level as well.

Please tell us more about the technology behind your product.
With the help of a high-resolution ekg and accelerometer, we make your lifestyle choices transparent. The sensor records your vital parameters like heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, sleep, and HRV with up to 1000 Hz. We can show you if your current performance and recovery strategies really work for you – or even don´t.
We can quantify your
  • cardiac fitness
  • stress load
  • sleep quality and
  • movement activity
in order to develop individual training programs and regeneration strategies.

What problems did you encounter and solve during the development process?
The initial struggle was definitely the UX. Medical software is still working with UX designs of the late '70s and '80s. Finding ways to bring across the action steps for the desired behavior changes is the holy grail.

"We will bring quality tested solutions for sleep environment into big pharmacies"

About Lutz Graumann
Lutz Graumann: MD, Ph.D. and Specialist in Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Chirotherapy with the focus on performance enhancement. @nambaya

Founder of Sportmedizin Rosenheim, Quest Vitality, Quaduma // Team Physician of the German Icehockey Federation from 2015-2021// Head of Education at Blackroll // CMO at Nambaya
Author of the bestselling books “Functional Fascial Training with Blackroll” and “Regeneration// Lecturer at the German Armed Forces Leadership Academy in Hamburg

Enhancing performance has always been the focus of Lutz Graumann’s work. Starting his medical career in 1994 he soon realized that his desires in the professional field were close to those of his private life: sports.
Challenges dominated his work and private life after accepting a full scholarship of the German Bundeswehr.
Working with different pro athletes, special forces, fighter pilots, and leadership groups, he has learned that training methods and nutritional concepts have varying impacts on the individual.
Dr Graumann integrates sports and military medicine and cutting-edge technology to create data-based movement, nutrition, recovery, and mindset strategies for work and play.

Market trends: Where is your target market heading – and how do you know?
We started as an expert solution for a small target audience and realized that recovery and sleep is a pain point that touches a majority of the population. Therefore we explore the pharmacies as new and/or renewed players in the field of lifestyle diagnostics. Sleep measurements will be the starting point for the journey to sleep and recovery improvements. Together with the brand Qalmis and the sleep experts André Alesi and Prof. Froböse we will bring quality tested solutions for your sleep and sleep environment into big pharmacies in Germany in Q3 of 2021.

Which companies and people are doing great things in the same space as yourself?
The sleep experts André Alesi and Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse. Why?

"The future of the health sector is no longer a prescription business but rather a behaviour change business."

If you had only one message to share with the world, what would that be - and why?
The future of medicine will be driven by the experiences of formula one. And pretty soon the health sector realizes that we are no longer a prescription business but rather a behavior change business.