FitTech Summit VII:
Holy Health!

Who does the rising tech health world bless, who does it curse? Find out the answers on September 29, 2022 and register now!
Selected previous speakers
  • Marko Pešić
    CEO FC Bayern Basketball
    Munich, Germany
  • Oleg Fomenko
    Co-Founder, Sweatcoin
    London, UK
  • Jeff Rogers
    Global Research Leader and Distinguished Research Scientist, IBM
    New York City, USA
  • Philipp Sandner
    Head of Frankfurt School
    Blockchain Center
    Munich, Germany
  • Maren Lesche
    Co-Founder and Program Director, Vision Health Pioneers Incubator
    Berlin, Germany
  • Stefan Winners

    Co-Founder, European Healthcare Acquisition and Growth Company

    Munich, Germany
  • Phil Southerland
    CEO & Founder, Supersapiens
    Atlanta, USA
  • Tim Heide
    CTO, sMiles
    Cologne, Germany
  • Markus Okumus
    Founding Partner, FORM Venture Fund
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • Dr. Dennis Ballwieser
    Managing Director & Editor-in-Chief at Wort & Bild Verlag
    Munich, Germany
  • Dr. Marc Weitl
    Founder & CEO Cardioscan
    Hamburg, Germany
  • Martin Giese
    Advisor and Investor, Cambridge Ventures
    Munich, Germany
  • Adrian Sarmiento
    Executive Board Member FC Bayern Basketball
    Munich, Germany
  • Richie Allan
    Director Of Business Development OliveX
    United Kingdom
  • Toni Tomic
    Sports reporter, Sky
    Munich, Germany
  • Stefan Jaeger
    Senior Advisor Content, FitTech Company
    Klagenfurt, Austria
  • Natalia Karbasova
    Founder FitTech Summit & FitTech Club
    Munich, Germany
Hall of fame:
Previous speaker highlights
  • Will Ahmed
    Founder WHOOP
    Boston, USA
  • Philipp Rösch-Schlanderer
    Founder & CEO, EGYM
    Munich, Germany
  • Melanie Lauer
    CEO Trisport AG (Kettler)
    Hünenberg, Switzerland
  • Amir Bozorgzadeh
    Co-Founder & CEO Virtuleap
    Lisbon, Portugal
  • Frank Ditz
    Head of Entertainment, Media & Sports, Meta (Facebook)
    Berlin, Germany
  • Daniel Sobhani
    CEO Freeletics
    Munich, Germany
  • Valerie Bures
    Founder & CEO VAHA
    Berlin, Germany
  • Scott Dunlap
    CEO Runtastic & VP, Mobile at adidas
    Linz, Austria
  • Christian Øvregaard
    Head of Mentra & Head of SATS Home training
    Oslo, Norway
  • Trupen Modi
    Director, Digital Health Transformation Executive Microsoft
    Chadds Ford, USA
  • Keith Rumjahn
    Co-Founder & CEO OliveX
    Hong Kong
  • Alex Zhavoronkov
    Founder & CEO Insilico Medicine
    Hong Kong
  • Jeff Rogers
    Global Research Leader - Digital Health IBM
    New York, USA
  • Grace McNamara
    London, UK
  • Anthony Katz
    Founder Hyperice
    Irvine, USA
  • Ariel Garten
    Founder & Chief Evangelism Officer Muse Band
    Toronto, Canada
Insights from previous editions
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