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Join the FitTech Club and gain access to a global community of fitness, wellbeing, and health professionals. Learn from industry leaders, forge new partnerships, and accelerate your growth.
FittechClub is a Springboard for your Business Growth

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How we support you
This is your most intimate. industry-focused business community. You will benefit from strategic peer support, insider knowledge & networking opportunities.
Real support
Membership in a network of fitness leaders can provide access to new technologies, innovations, and industry trends, helping the company stay at the forefront.
Marketing strategies
We develop the main conception of a company according to the company’s targets and develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Branding concepts
Grow your global network of founders, executives & investors. Bringing fitness leaders together allows for joint projects, programs, and partnerships, which can lead to new opportunities for business growth.
Natalia Karbasova
CEO FitTech Company
Why should you, as a doctor, pharmacist or physiotherapist, pay attention to technology? Well, you still have time to actively start shaping the future of health instead of just being a passive observer. As more waves of technology-driven startups and tech giants enter the fitness, health and wellness space, you as a health professional can still jump on this train and benefit from the technology revolution in this space
Join a peer group to solve strategic challenges & avoid costly mistakes
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Make better decisions
Expand your business
Build trust & create win-win partnerships beyond the scheduled calls.
Join an existing group
Attend monthly moderated virtual meetings - a confidential space to discuss challenges, trends & insights, based on personal experience.
Meet peers selected for you
Join a group of 7 to 9 members with similar seniority & deep understanding of your market segment. There’s no competition within the group.


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Founder Masterminds
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+ €1.500 as one-time initiation fee

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€5.400 per year
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Join 100+industry executives & founders
Our upcoming events
Explore our exciting lineup of FitTech Club events happening soon
Partner event:
Munich, DE
Jun 5-6
Private dinner for 22 industry leaders @ HLTH
Amsterdam, NL
Jun 17
Sporthilfe KuratoriumsClub @ Wort&Bild Verlag
Baierbrunn, DE
Jun 25
Member meetup @ IFA
Berlin, DE
Sep 6
Thought leader dinner, @ Beyond Activ
New York City, US
Sep 17
Partner event: Garmin Health Summit
Prague, CZ
Member dinner @ ISPO
Munich, DE
Dec 3
Member Stories
Emilia von Keyserlingk
Founder Pepper
My number one networking platform! Thanks to the Fittech Club, I met one of the world´s most incredible founders and our new advisor, and entered very exciting business collaborations
Jon Brady
President, Midtown Athletic Clubs
I need to make sure I’m up to date what’s going on in the industry. My Mastermind group helps me to meet people who challenge the status quo, and bridge the gap between old and new.
Alexis Ekstrom
Global VP, Sales & Business Development, Exerp
The Club has given me a whole new network of fitness, health & wellness industry trailblazers to learn from and collaborate with. I am thrilled to be among such a strong group of global leaders!
Melanie Lauer
CEO Trisport AG (Kettler)
I could not think of a better investment! FitTech Club is the must-have networking and business development tool - and besides, it's just a lot of fun to be part of this innovative gang!


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Experienced founders & top executives from EU / US focusing on the fitness market (gym strategy, software, data).
Co-Founder & CEO Urban Sports Club
Benjamin Roth
Group name
Group leader
Founder & CEO FitTech Club
Natalia Karbasova
Consumer health & wellness 1
Executives from Germany / EU focusing on the growing health market (digital services, pharmacies, employee health)
COO @ CyberHealth GmbH.
Tilman Freisen
Group name
Group leader
Managing Director Germany @ Forte Digital Gmb
Darius Niroumand
Consumer health & wellness 2
Entrepreneurs from EU / US at the intersection of wellness & regulated health markets.
Jonas Dücker
Group name
Group leader
Community Engagement Director @ Community Builders.
Nick Zerby
Consumer health & fitness
Entrepreneurs & executives from EU / US at the intersection of health & fitness products (hardware & digital).
Germany Senior Director @ Garmin Health
Joern Watzke
Group name
Group leader
Founder @ Trouble Global
Emma Barry
Digital fitness 1
Early-stage founders & aspiring industry leaders from digital and connected fitness from Europe and Oceania.
General Manager @ David Lloyd Clubs
Theresia Staps
Group name
Group leader
Founder @ Bungee Super Fly
Janneke van Amelsvoort
Digital fitness 2
Entrepreneurs from EU / US at the intersection of wellness & regulated health markets.
Founder @ 3DLOOK
Vadim Rogovskiys
Group name
Group leader
Podcast Host @ Future of Fitness
Eric Malzone
Investors focussing on holistic health, fitness, & sports mainly from Europe.
Chief of Strategy & Portfolio @ leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners
Aaron Naisar
Group name
Group leader
Advisory Board Member @ FitTech Club
Martin Giese
Hardware, sensors & wearables
Entrepreneurs from EU / US at the intersection of wellness & regulated health markets.
Founder & CEO @ Icaros
Johannes Scholl
Group name
Group leader
Global Head of Business Development @ Skelcore Fitness
Stefan Sillner