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  • Making The Podium
    Natalia Karbasova in talk with Chris Sharman, CMO of Topodium Group, discussing the journey that led to the FitTech Summit.

  • FIBO News
    A curated selection of exciting FitTech startups and trends, by our Chief Content Officer Max Gaub

  • Good Soul Hunting
    Natalia Karbasova in talk with Emma Barry (Chief Creative Soul - Good Soul Hunting) and Melanie Lauer (CEO of Kettler/Trisport). The podcast's focus is on Women in Tech.

  • Horizont
    The german publishing group Wort & Bild Verlag (Apotheken Umschau) further expands its portfolio and acquires a stake in FitTech Company.

  • Focus Magazine
    German-speaking cover story about the future of home workouts, with Natalia Karbasova quoted as expert.

  • Hashtag Fitness Industrie
    German-speaking podcast about the future of the fitness industry and interview with Natalia Karbasova.

  • Future of Fitness podcast
    Natalia Karbasova speaks about the potential of the global fitness technology market in podcast with Eric Malzone.

  • Management Around Sports
    Natalia Karbasova predicting the future of fitness in a short keynote for a Spanish publication.

  • CMD Sport
    "The main mistake of club operators is their mentality", says Natalia Karbasova to the Spanish publication CMD Sport.

  • Frontiers podcast
    Presentation of Natalia Karbasova at the Frontiers conference in Dubai.

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