Changing the way we look at failure.
The FitTech Club “Fail Night” is a digital event for members where we talk about failure in an open and positive environment. Members get to talk on the virtual stage about a desired goal or outcome they didn’t achieve and what lessons they learned.
  • Take part from anywhere
    Next event:
    February 23, 2022
    7 - 8 pm CET (online)
  • Learn from your peers
    Join the conversation by providing constructive feedback and gain takeaways for your own business growth.
  • Present your story
    You get 5 minutes on the virtual stage to talk in an off-the-record and members-only event.
  • Connect with your peers
    Nobody puts failures in their CV. This safe environment provides the space to connect with fellow FitTech Club members.
Apply to talk about your story: