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FitTech Insider: The magazine

A special printed edition devoted to how health professionals can benefit from digital innovations
Edition #1 was sent to the German-speaking healthcare industry +++ Circulation: 40,000 copies +++
CEO Natalia Karbasova: "As a health professional, you can still shape the future."
The magazine boasts 50 pages with a circulation of 40,000 copies.

FitTech Insider, Edition 1

The future of health & fitness is already here, it's just unevenly distributed. Fingernail sensors to detect diseases such as Parkinson's, ‘smart’ shorts to predict injuries, fitness mirrors and meditation tech - those technologies are already entering the mainstream.

What does this mean for pharmacists, doctors & physical therapists? You will find the answers in the first edition of the FitTech Insider - a German-language magazine published by the FitTech Company in partnership with the Wort & Bild Verlag, Germany's largest health publishing house. Inside, you will find more about:

  • The spread of technology in the healthcare market: what technology is already out there, and what to expect in the future.
  • Tech for body, mind and soul: a curated selection of the most innovative global products.
  • Voices from the industy: Medical professional Prof. Dr. Jörg Debatin, pharmacist Andreas Binninger, Wort & Bild CEO Andreas Arntzen.
A special issue for health professionals
This special edition is a cooperation between Isartal Health Media (subsidiary of the Wort & Bild publishing group, investor in the FitTech Company) and FitTech Company (mother company of the FitTech Summit)

The magazine answers the question of how health professionals can benefit from fitness technology already today - and what future has in store for health, fitness and well-being industries in the years to come.
You will learn about the basics of fitness lifestyle technology and how it can be employed in health-related fields, understand relevant trends in the fittech industry and discover some of the most innovative products.
This German-language magazine specifically addresses pharmacists, doctors and physiotherapists to help them succeed in the digital future. 40.000 copies will also be mailed to selected health professionals.

The future is faster than you think
In our increasingly technology-enabled world, health is blending with lifestyle at breakneck speed.
Natalia Karbasova
CEO FitTech Company
"Why should you, as a doctor, pharmacist or physiotherapist, pay attention to technology? Well, you still have time to actively start shaping the future of health instead of just being a passive observer. As more waves of technology-driven startups and tech giants enter the fitness, health and wellness space, you as a health professional can still jump on this train and benefit from the technology revolution in this space".

Andreas Arntzen
CEO of Wort & Bild Publishing Group
"I see great opportunities arising for health professionals ready to embrace the digital healthcare revolution. Those chances include better treatment, data-driven care and a deeper connection to the patients. We want to show what's possible today and what tomorrow has in store for us, so that our healthcare professionals don't leave the market to the tech giants alone, but will play a crucial role in shaping the future of patient care".

Sandra Dittrich
Managing Director Isartal Health Media
"Our joint magazine shows the benefits of digital applications for health professionals and their patients. It provides the readers with a unique overview of this booming market, showcases new technologies and provides a broader perspective in expert interviews. The magazine focuses strongly on current and emerging needs of consumers and patients as well as on the opportunities that emerge for doctors and pharmacies".

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