Europes's first conference on
fitness innovation, health & lifestyle

#SAVETHEDATE May 9, 2019 - Munich
powered by Hubert Burda Media
What they say
The voices of our attendees
"The best event we've attended so far! Cool atmosphere and great participants that were eager to connect to each other to drive the business forward. Congrats!"
Maximilian Gloël
"You guys did it all and with great success. Thank you for founding this new format and bringing an international conference to Munich. Really liked the hands on approach combined with deep tech and science".
Arne Eilers
CEO & Founder,
"I liked the choice of energetic and interesting speakers as well as the diversity both in the audience and of the people on stage. Congrats to this event!"
Benjamin Penkert
Founder, SportsTechX & Head of Consulting, leAD Sports
"Great concept and perfect organization! This conference is a role model, and not only for Germany & Europe! We still have a long way to go for the European fittech ecosystem, but this initiative can be the game changer!"
Dr. Hermann Schindler
Member of the Board of Directors, Scalator Inc.
"FitTech is on the rise - we bring the most promising startups, investors and corporates together to set the agenda for the emerging future industry!"
Natalia Karbasova, Head of FitTech Summit
Fitness & Sports
What comes after wearables?
Will AI coaches beat humans?
Will smart clothes replace human muscles?
Gamification of fitness - what's next?
How will VR change fitness and sports?
Health & Wellbeing
What's the next step for health insurance?
Will data tracking become ubiquitous?
How can we truly personalize nutrition?
Why is sleep the next health currency?
Is women's health the next big market?

Mental Fitness & Mindfulness
Are brain-wave interfaces next gen OS?
What's hot in meditation apps right now?
How can breathing enhance performance?
Who will win the mindfulness race?

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The place to be for entrepreneurs, innovators, decision-makers & investors
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Previous Speakers
Check out our previous speakers - next year's speakers coming soon!
Marcus Gners
Co-Founder & COO, Lifesum
Julia Belaya
Head of Health Innovation, Plug and Play Tech Center
San Francisco
Marco Suvilaakso
CSO, Polar
Barbara Becker
model, yoga and pilates instructor
Benjamin Roth
Founder & CEO, Urban Sports Club
Simon Sollberger
Co-Founder and Creative Director, Pear Sports
San Francisco
Manuel Ronnefeldt
Founder, 7Mind
Benjamin Penkert
Founder, SportsTechX & Head of Consulting, leAD Sports
Dominik Pförringer
Surgeon, digital healthcare innovation driver
Lutz Graumann
Founder of Sportmedizin Rosenheim, Team Physician
Monica Ivancan
Dietician & Model
Johannes Müller
Managing Director, Darwin's Circle
Eugene Borukhovich
Global Head, Digital Health Incubation & Innovation, Bayer G4A (Digital Health)
Camilla Dolan
Principal, Burda Principal Investments
Florian Weiß
CEO, Jameda
Markus Götting
Senior Editor, FOCUS Magazine
René Wegner
Founder, Headis
Johannes Scholl
Founder, ICAROS
Patrice Bouédibéla
Host, Main Stage
Alex Schiel
Head of Operations & Program, DLD
Ben McAllister
Director Product, MapMyRun
Stefan Winners
Board Member, Hubert Burda Media
Urska Srsen
Founder, BellaBeat
Aaron Stanton
San Francisco
Sophia Flörsch
Formula 4 racer
Under Armour Athlete
Lauren Perkins
Founder, FlyFit
Fabian Foelsch
Founder, Brain Effect
Kay Rathschlag
Founder, Antelope
Liuba Pashkovskaya
Philipp Schrempp
Founder, Foodspring
Xavier Louis
Simon Grünenwald
Managing Director, Gymondo
Lisa Kleinsorge
VR International, Headspace
San Francisco
Linda Mutschlechner
Influencer, @lindarellade
Eric Strasser
Co-Founder & COO, Motiv
San Francisco
Charlotte Kuhrt
Influencer, @beautynotsize
Shabnam Shameli
Influencer, @thehungrywarrior
Lina Wüller
Founder, Ovy
Dr. Philip Mayer
CEO, Sourcenity (PowerBeats VR)
Andrew Steele
Olympic Athlete, Head of Product, DNAFit
Mounir Zok
Managing Director, N3XT SPORTS, ex. US Olympic Committee
San Francisco
Benedikt Seitz
Co-founder, evalu
Patrick Cuninka
Personal Trainer
Felix Paries
Co-Founder, PrimedMind
Maximilian Gloël
Founder, evalu
Max Gotzler
Founder, Flowgrade
Applications for startups are closed now!
Unfortunately the applications are closed now and the lucky winners have been selected, but you can still fill out the form to join the waiting list!
Present your product at the FitTech Summit
You will get an opportunity to present your startup at the location and get people experience your product on the spot. 30 startups that get accepted for the startup track will be charged 200,- euros that will include a booth on the spot and three tickets for your team.
Pitch your startup on stage
We will select 10 startups to pitch on stage in front of the seasoned jury.
Get 1 million in TV advertising volume and
get big in Germany
The winner of the pitch competition will get a wild card to negotiate a €1M (right, one million euros) deal with Germany's leading private TV network ProSieben Sat1.
Receive extensive media coverage
You will get mentions in Germany's most influential media, including FOCUS, Focus Online and Huffington Post. The winner of the pitch competition will also receive coverage by Germany's leading fitness magazine Fit For Fun.
Get free coworking space in Munich
Three top teams of the pitch competition will get 4 months of free coworking space in Munich, relevant coaching and connections to Germany's most relevant sports & fitness companies.
Meet these startups on the spot and try out their products! Stay tuned!
Main Stage Program
Tuesday, July 10, 9 am to 6 pm.
Get smarter and learn about the
most important fitness innovation
trends in just one day
Natalia Karbasova, Head of Burda Bootcamp
Mounir Zok, former Director of Technology and Innovation, US Olympic Committee || Managing Director N3XT SPORTS
Aaron Stanton, Director, VR Institute of Health & Exercise
Johannes Scholl, CEO ICAROS
Dr. Philip Mayer, CEO Sourcenity (PowerBeats VR)
Tilmann Holm, CEO GymCraft
Moderator: Aaron Stanton, Director, VR Institute of Health & Exercise

Ben McAllister, Director of Product, MapMyRun, UnderArmour
Ben McAllister, Director of Product, MapMyRun, Under Armour
in talk with tba
René Wegner, Founder, Headis
Julia Belaya, Head of Health Innovation, Plug and Play Tech Center
Julia Belaya, Head of Health Innovation, Plug and Play Tech Center
Camilla Dolan, Principal, Burda Principal Investments
Eugene Borukhovic, Global Head, Digital Health Incubation & Innovation, Bayer G4A
Benjamin Penkert, Founder at SportsTechX & Head of Consulting at leAD Sports
Moderated by Stefan Winners, Member of the Board of Directors, Hubert Burda Media
Kay Rathschlag, Co-Founder, Antelope
Lauren Perkins, Founder & CMO, FlyFit
Benjamin Roth, Founder & CEO, Urban Sports Club
Simon Grünenwald, MD, Gymondo
Moderated by Johannes Müller, Managing Director, Darwin's Circle
Dr. Med. Dominik Pförringer, surgeon, digital healthcare innovation driver
Sophia Flörsch, racing driver, Formula 4
Felix Paries, Co-Founder, PrimedMind
Xavier Louis, Co-founder & CEO, Peak
Lisa Kleinsorge, VP International, Headspace
Moderated by Dr. Dominik Pförringer
Simon Sollberger, VP Design & Brand, Pear Sports
Barbara Becker (model, yoga & pilates instructor)
Liuba Pashkovskaya, CEO, Red Rock Apps
Bene Seitz, Founder, Evalu
Moderated by Simon Sollberger, Pear Sports
Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer, Polar
in talk with Markus Götting, Senior Editor FOCUS Magazine
Manuel Ronnefeldt, Co-Founder, 7Mind
Dr. Lutz Graumann, Founder Sportmedizin Rosenheim
Marcus Gners, COO & Co-Founder, Lifesum
Fabian Foelsch, Founder, Brain Effect
Philipp Schrempp, Founder, Foodspring
Maximilian Gotzler, Founder, Flowgrade
Monica Ivancan, Model & nutrition coach
Moderated by Dr. Lutz Graumann
Andrew Steele, Olympic Athlete, Head of Product, DNAFit
Eric Strasser, Co-Founder und COO, Motiv
Urska Srsen, Founder, Bellabeat
Eric Strasser, Co-Founder und COO, Motiv
Lina Wüller, Founder, Ovy
Moderated by Alex Schiel, Head of Operations & Program, DLD
Dr. Florian Weiß, Founder, Jameda
Activity Stage Program
Experience fitness first-hand! Get your blood flowing and get a clear mind for the next inspirational talk! Aaaaaaand yes, all activities participants will get a free outfit from our friends from Under Armour!
Patrick Cuninka, patrick_cuninka
Charlotte Kuhrt, beautynotsize
Say hello to the future of
digital personal fitness
Once FitTech - they never come back! FitTech Summit will feature all relevant FitTech trends that will shape our future in the coming years.
Meet our visionary partners
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Conference + beach party?
No problem.
Join us at one of the most hidden & lifestyle-driven locations
in Munich - Beach38 (Friedenstraße 22C, 81671 München).
Get ready for a lot of sand (remember to grab your sandals!),
chill and our famous afterparty (beach party, literally)!
How to get there
Beach38 is located at the Ostbahnhof and is very easy to find! You can get there by metro (U2, U5), railway or taxi.


Friedenstraße 22C81671 München
All you ever wanted to know
Questions? Drop us a line at
Who can apply for free ticket?
Applications for free tickets are open to students, startups and young professionals.
Is this a pure fitness event?
No, this is a tech & startup conference devoted to the emerging tech trends in personal fitness, startups and digitalization of personal health.
Is there any dress code?
Smart casual, a little bit sporty if you are up to it, it's summer after all! Remember to bring your sports clothes to try out new things at the event. And yes, we do have showers and changing rooms.
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Head of FitTech Summit
Florian Heiwig
Tech Lead
Heike Hebsacker
Head of Media Relations & PR
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